100 Snowmen Challenge Instructions

Hi Humans!

Thanks for joining the 100 Snowmen Challenge!  

We snowmen are feeling the heat from our warming climate, but we're having a hard time telling people about it on social media.

Saturday March 26th, we want people to help us speak by building 100+ hundred snowmen holding signs explaining our challenges, our favorite climate solutions, & what we’d like to say to our elected officials! If there's no snow where you are, put a carrot, sticks, and a sign on the ground like a melted snowperson or use other materials! That's news too! See sample messages below.

Anyone anywhere in Montana can join in the fun- families on their front lawn, churchs, schools, businesses- just make sure to be respectful, ask permission, and clean up afterwards! 

1. Register at bit.ly/100SnowmenChallenge so we will be able to count all snowmen and show support from around Montana in our publicity splash! People and organizations who register early will get weather, information, and location updates by email before the event. 

2. Make signs at home or as a group (church, MSU club, etc. ) or think of good captions for the photos. (See some ideas below)

3. Then, on Saturday March 26th, scoop up whatever snow is left wherever you are and make a snow person- small may be the new normal. If no snow, put a carrot, sticks, and a sign on the ground like a melted snowperson!

4. Take a picture or make a short video and explain your snowperson's views. 

5. Post to your accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook! Don’t forget to include #100Snowmen. Not on social? Send your photo to Bozeman@citizensclimatelobby.org

6. Go to #100Snowmen to see, like, and comment on everyone's creations! CCL volunteers will send them on to media, our Congress people and the President!


Let's see if we can make 100+ snowpeople across Montana!!

Event Locations

Bozeman from 10 am - 12 noon at 2 locations: 

  1. Centennial Mall on the Montana State University Campus  (Free parking weekends) Please come to a sign making party Thursday March 24th at 6 pm in 149 Norm Asbjorson Hall. 

  2. The base of Peets Hill (leave trails unobstructed, overflow parking at the Library?) 

Both locations will have some sign making materials, mini carrots, mini oreos or black sunflower seeds (for eyes/mouth), and some sticks 

More information 

If there’s no/little snow: Make tiny snowmen, use other materials (be creative!), dress up like as Frosty, take selfies with your signs and/or post with good captions, or take a walk (or go on a snow hunt!) with your signs!  And of course encourage people to post, share and repost others' photos! 

If it’s raining: take pictures of the puddles with a carrot, sticks, hat, any leftovers from a snowman! Groups can take a walk with umbrellas? 

How to make a snowman: 

  • Make 

Snowpeople the size warranted by the snow, time, and number goal you have. They do not have to be big to be counted, and melted snowmen count, too! 

  • Fun article on the science of how to build a snowman 


What to bring:

Please dress for the weather and follow any COVID protocols there are at that time. People have done this before and suggest you bring extra gloves/mittens, snacks, and maybe a snow shovel or gardening spade. Feel free to bring additional props (sticks, hats, scarves, etc.) 


Snowpeople face many challenges from the warming climate. In Montana,  our precipitation is trending towards more in the late winter and spring. Some of that is rain, spelling  trouble for our frozen friends and summer water supply. In the Yellowstone ecosystem, snowfall has decreased by 25% since 1950. Combined with really warm days sprinkled in wintertime, their noses and arms may fall off, not to mention melting disease shortening their lives by months! 

Telling our elected officials about the snowmen's plight will show them we want them to lead and pass climate policies that can get us to the reduction levels scientists say we need: 50% below 2005 levels by 2030! We can do this! We're already at ~20%, so ~30% to go.

This is a respectful non-partisan event, because everyone wants jobs, snow sports, and water in the summer and because there are fast, fair and effective #bipartisanclimate solutions we can all agree on. 

Here are some ideas for signs, captions, Tweets: 

  • Snow people challenges: My future is melting away! No snow = No summer water, I'm a vanishing species! Thank a snowman for summer water. I hold your drink. Don't let me go down the drain! No Slush Yes Snow, Is this February 2030?
  • Hopes: SaveURjobs!, energy independence with Renewables, We can do this!
  • My favorite climate solution: a solar panel on every roof, #50%reductionby2030, #Carboncashback, On thin ice: climate action now 
  • What I want to say to Congress and the President: Sens. Tester and Daines: work together for snowkidz!, #50%reductionby2030, #bipartisanclimate

Hashtags: #100snowmen, #snmn4climit, #bipartisanclimate, #climateaction, #climatesolutions, #climateadvocacy, #50%reductionby2030

FB Tags: @POTUS, @citizensclimatelobby, @CitizensClimateMontana

Instagram Tags: @POTUS,  @citizensclimate, @CCLMontana

Twitter Tags: @POTUS,  @citizensclimate, @CCLMontana

Media Tags:

BDC FB: @dailychronicle

BCD Twitter: @bozchron

BCD Instagram: bozchron 

YPR Instagram: YPRADIO 

YPR FB: @yellowstonepublicradio



Sample TWEETS:

  • Weer MT born and roled heer
  • Gettng a littl swety over heer
  • A littl shade plz? Or mybe just a tax on carbon
  • Hlp us b4 weer puddls
  • Can’t ski on rocks!
  • Jobz 4 Snowppl!
  • Don't let Canada take r jobz!
  • Clim8 hurtz! Ow!
  • Cold jobz: so hot rite now!

Sponsored by Citizens' Climate Lobby Montana and CCL MSU







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