Gaining Traction, despite what they say

Many Montanans are worried about our senators meeting with Exxon lobbyists and our Governor pulling Montana out of the U.S. Climate Alliance. Let's keep our elected officials accountable by being citizen lobbyists!!

Tell our Senators that robust carbon pricing, preferably with cashback payments to Americans, should get into an infrastructure, reconcilation, or a stand alone bill no matter what Exxon says or does. Since Exxon announced they preferred carbon tax to cap and trade in 2009, they have been hedging their bets by moving heavily into natural gas (a less carbon intensive fossil fuel) and now into plastics (a less emissive product when not burned as trash).

And yes, carbon pricing is gaining genuine support from real conservatives and liberals. Just look at these developments: 

  • 25 current and former Republican state legislators in Utah wrote an op ed in favor of carbon fee and dividend policies! Help us reach out to their counterparts in Montana! 
  • Conservative Climate Caucus in the U.S. House with 52 members-  Rep. Curtis from Utah formed the caucus to provide a safe space to talk about solutions like carbon taxes. 
  • 76 Congressional Democrats have co-sponsored the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act HR 2307! That's over a third of their caucus.
  • Save Our Future carbon pricing bill, introduced by Democratic Senators Whitehouse and Schatz, has an 'Energy Veterans' provision for our coal miners. Take a closer look here and ask our Congressmen to look, too, at

And when Governor Gianforte says he wants to address climate change by kickstarting innovation without government mandates and do something that addresses international emissions, let's tell him that's exactly what a federal carbon price would do- and even get us to net zero emissions by 2050! Call 406 444-3111.

It's time for them to hear from citizen lobbyists!

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