How to call or email your Senators

Here's how to call and email your Senators, and add a custom message. 

* References are provided if you need to know more about Carbon Pricing or the Border Carbon tariffs before sending your message.

1. Click on and enter your address and zipcode. A script will pop up. The Member of Congress' name and your name will autofill.

2. The automatic script for your email to a Democratic Senator:

Subject: Include Carbon Pricing in the Reconciliation Package

I am a constituent and a voter and climate change is a priority issue for me.

I'm writing to urge you to include carbon pricing in the reconciliation package - go big and bold on climate to reduce emissions.

* Find out more about carbon pricing basics here

3. The automatic script for your email to a Republican Senator:

Subject: Enact a federal Carbon Price before Europe imposes a border tariff

I am a constituent and a voter and climate change is a priority issue for me.

I'm writing to urge you to enact a federal carbon price, so U.S. businesses can avoid paying Europe's border tariff and remain internationally competitive. 

*Find out more about border carbon tariffs and Europe's plans in this blog or this deep dive

Here's a suggestion on customizing your emails and calls!

Choose one or two reasons why you like carbon pricing. Type it in just after the script. Keeping it brief is just fine.

More Conservative messages 

1. Our manufacturers will suffer in 2023 when the E.U. imposes a border carbon tariff on our carbon intensive exports to them if we don't have an equivalent carbon price. Canada and the U.K. will probably follow suit. The cure would be to institute a U.S. carbon price and keep the revenue in our country,

2. Our border carbon adjustment will influence other countries to institute a carbon price, i.e. China, lowering international emissions. A uniform lower price 'floor' for developing countries could help them participate. 

3. It's a market-based solution, spurring energy innovation in the private, public, personal, community, and national levels.. 

4. It lowers emissions cheaply (See EPIC's Michael Greenstone's talk mins. 4:30 - 12:30)

6. Some or all of the revenue could help folks on fixed and low incomes during the transition, and those in fossil fuel dependent jobs and communities

7. It's predictable, essential for business

8. It's not regulation or subsidies and does not require government intervention to pick winners and losers

9. It could phase in slowly and phase out when the targets are met

10. It enhances personal responsibility and accountability for our own carbon footprints

11. If the revenue is returned in a monthly check, the policy would be transparent, popular, and durable

More Progressive messages

1. Carbon pricing  lowers emissions rapidly 

    -    it's easy to implement (There are less than 2500 taxable fossil fuel producers. British Columbia instituted a carbon fee program in 6 mos.)

   -    it's economy wide (it would effect transportation, industry, buildings, consumers, not just the power sector)

   -    it motivates decision-making towards efficiency and renewables immediately

2. It lowers emissions cheaply (See EPIC's Michael Greenstone's talk mins. 4:30 - 12:30)

3. It lowers emissions effectively, reaching net zero by 2050 and saving millions of lives.

4. We could use the trillions in revenue to: (See the Save Our Future Act for examples) 

     - Protect fossil fuel dependent workers and communities

     - Help low income or environmentally disadvantaged people and communities transition

     - Help everyone transition by returning most or all of the revenue as a carbon cashback dividend to households. This makes it popular and durable!

    - Offset the cost of programs in the Reconciliation bill

5. The Border Carbon Adjustment gives it Global reach. See this blog or this deep dive 

6. Can pass through budget reconciliation, with only 51 votes.

Hit send and then invite a friend, organization, or family member to do it, too!

Here's a sample letter. They will appreciate being asked and empowered!

If you get excited by seeing progress, go to our website, or post on facebook CitizensClimateMT!

This one action could be a gamechanger for the climate, so let’s give it everything we’ve got! 

Thank you for taking this meaningful action!

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