Letter: Learn more about carbon dividends

by Michael Wood

May 25, 2021 Missoulian

Montana's climate is changing. Shorter, warmer winters and hotter summers, interspersed with more frequent, radical temperature changes, are already creating a new norm that everyone from fishing guides to farmers and ranchers are experiencing.

Settled science tells us that increased levels of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are at the root of these climatic changes, and that burning fossil fuels is the leading cause of this increase in atmospheric carbon-dioxide. Shifting away from burning fossil fuels will therefore help re-stabilize the global climate over time, allowing us Montanans to maintain our way of life for future generations.

While regulatory strategies could work, creating market-based incentives for shifting away from high-carbon dioxide producing activities is a more enduring strategy. The key principle for creating this kind of market-based incentive is carbon pricing, and one of the most effective legislative means for carbon pricing, is the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 2307). This legislation puts a fee on carbon pollution at its source and returns the money collected to Americans in the form of a monthly "carbon cash back payment."

I encourage everyone to learn more and support H.R. 2307.

Michael Wood,


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