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    Carbon Pricing

  • What's Happening

    We need a carbon price to get to 50% lower emissions by 2030!


    Let's get to 200 calls this week!!!

    Go to CCLUSA.org/senate-call/


    We're up to 66!

    The Senate committed to reducing America’s emissions 50% by 2030.

    To meet that goal, they have to include a price on carbon* 

    on top of the climate provisions still left in the in the Build Back Better bill.

    Your call now could convince Senator Tester to support carbon pricing!


    Please CALL Sen. Tester TODAY! 

    Pres. Biden can influence the Senate, too. Ask for Biden's support: CCLUSA.org/white-house

    *See this article from the World Resources Institute: Why the US Also Needs Carbon Pricing in the Reconciliation Bill or this webinar from the CCL fall Conference on the Rhodium Group's analysis of the Build Back Better 40% emissions reductions without a carbon tax.

  • Why Carbon Pricing?

    It's the best first step to solve climate change

    More Resources: Data sources for this chart, Carbon Pricing 101, &

    Why Put a Price on Carbon?

  • Carbon Pricing is in the Senate draft of the Build Back bill!

    Ask Congress to include a carbon cash back to households!

    Infographic: Fee on fossil fuel at the source, return 100% of net revenue to households, carbon border adjustment

    Carbon Pricing Bills in Congress which could serve as examples for the Reconciliation Bill:

    Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act HR 2307 All net revenue is returned to people

    Market Choice Act HR 3039 Revenue used for infrastructure, Republican sponsor

    Save Our Future Act S. 2085 Supports coal workers and affected communities, too

    America's Clean Future Fund Act S. 685 & HR 2451

    2021 Carbon Pricing Bills Comparison chart

  • What Can I Do?

    Here are great options for you to take action!


    Write Congress

    Use our easy online form

    Ask Rosendale, Daines and Tester to support Carbon Pricing


    Monthly Calling Campaign

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    Congress acts when they hear from you Monthly!

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    Work with our team

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    Our consistently respectful, nonpartisan approach is designed to create a broad, sustainable foundation for climate action across all geographic regions and political inclinations.


    Our preferred solution is carbon pricing because it's practical, effective, popular, and durable. When paired with cashback of the revenue to Americans, it makes clean energy affordable, helps people during the transition, and lowers emissions quickly throughout the economy.


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